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Marco Feichtner’s PERCEPTIONS Full Part


Marco Feichtner, along with Gigi Ruf, has been in the Pirate crew since day one. This routine definitely showed during last years filming for PERCEPTIONS. Marco spend a lot of time in the European Alps, which were not really blessed with a lot of snow and cold temperatures. But for those who wait, and who are patient enough it usually pays of. And Marco made sure he used those handful of good days to their full potential.

Xavier De le Rue There’s something about Ice.

There’s something about Ice
Back from an expedition part of our 2 years project, Xavier de Le Rue and Samuel Anthamatten wanted to ride some more. It was late season and they had an idea about what kind of terrains could get them excited.
Victor de Le Rue joined them for a session.  “There’s something about ice” is a less serious take on what the Timeline Missions crew get up to at the end of Winter.
Enjoy our short edit while we wait for the next big dump and early season powder turns.
Stay tuned for more edits real soon.