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BRANDON COCARD - Welcome to the DEELUXE Team.


Yusaku Horii
Deeluxe Pro Team Rider says:
"When we were in Tokyo, Brandon got a Zizo tattoo. I was so happy.
When we were in Sapporo, he got an Abunai Crew tattoo. I was so hyped.
Today, he got on the Deeluxe team. And I'm so stoked.
Hell yeah, Brandon! Let's throw down some single corks, buddy. "
Keep on moving and don't stop. Much Respect.
Peter Rossner
Deeluxe Team Manager says:
"I share the same introduction to Deeluxe as Brandon.
Many years ago, TJ Schneider cradled our interest for the brand.
Brandon manages to snowboard with style and skills on all terrains.
From Capita movie projects to full video parts with Absinthe films and being Windell's coach for many years, Brandon has come a long way..
Brandon is not just that. Deeluxe is not just making boots.
Brandon plays guitar, he likes to camp, he skates and we share the same vision of what snowboarding is all about.
This is why Brandon Cocard is now Pro on Deeluxe, because he is part of the family."
Welcome on team Brandon!
Footage courtesy of Absinthe Films
"Eversince" is available on Itunes

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