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DEELUXE the Rambler // Episode #8.


DEELUXE the Rambler // Episode #8 Turning into a dune.
A trip to Mt. Hood Oregon feat. Brandon Cocard & Yusaku Horii.

Conquering the heat of the summer.

When we arrived in Oregon we already knew that conditions will be a challenge.
It was 7 years ago that i had seen Palmer snowfield the last time.
Sadly i looked beyond the rocks and dust to see some snow left in the cascades of these dunes.

Global warming is real. Don't forget about that.
Snowboarding in summer might not be forever.
Let's give our best to protect what we got.

Film & Edit
Peter Rossner

The Hunt
performed by the Munsens

Brandon Cocard, Yusaku Horii, Kaede Yusanaga, Hayate Yusanaga, Mary Luggen, Alex Fischer, Mark Goodall

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