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Rambler Episode 2

Filmed & Edited by: Peter Rossner
Additional Footage: Yusaku Horii

Follow us on a epic journey through Austria. We invited our japanese teamriders Yusaku Horii, Hiromi Takahashi, and team-manager Jun Tazawa to jump in the RV with Gerald Fuchs, Sebi Mueller, David Struber & Alex Fischer. Be it a skatepark or a cliff drop, we stop for whatever cradles our attention. Sleeping, living in and around Gerald's RV.
Kufstein - Wörgl - Innsbruck - Vorarlberg - Soelden Austria
Riders: Yusaku Horii Sebi Mueller Hiromi Takahashi David Struber Gerald Fuchs

Blog Yusaku Horii Sebi Müller Hiromi Takahashi David Struber Gerald Fuchs Alex Fischer