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Thermoflex Liner

Every rider has unique feet. As a boot company, we understand this especially well. With a desire to enhance fit and comfort, Deeluxe became the first brand to debut a thermo-moldable liner for snowboard boots. This enabled us to better meet the needs of every rider—and quickly become their boot of choice.

Asymmetrical Hardboot Shell

First Inter­national Softboot Team

TPS Sticks

Deeluxe Gains Its Independence

Children grow up and move out of the house. Similarly, Deeluxe parted ways with the Kneissl network to become its own independent company. This led Klaus Brandstätter to step up to the plate as Deeluxe’s CEO, a position he continues to hold. From a boot’s creation to its sale, Klaus is instrumental in everything we do at Deeluxe.

Marco “FICHTL” Feichtner

We have always been proud of our team riders and the relationships we build with them. Marco “Fichtl” Feichtner first stepped into our boots as a young up-and-coming rider. Today—nearly twelve years later—he remains an integral part of the team. Despite having six Deeluxe pro models to his name and thirteen video parts with Pirate Movie Productions, Fichtl remains as hungry as ever.


Developing thermo-moldable liners opened our eyes to the enhanced comfort and performance of customized boots. This fresh perspective, in turn, led to the creation of our TPS Shield, an additional tool for refining a boot’s flex. Riders, retailers, and distributors proudly back this product. Deceptively simple, it sports sophisticated technology.

Elias Elhardt

When Elias first joined the Deeluxe team, he was half the size he is today, but he already had impressive skills and an iconic smile. As a young rider in Germany, his days were filled with lapping rails in his backyard. Today, his travels take him across the globe in search of pillows, powder, and kickers. As part of our twentieth anniversary, we’re honored to debut his signature boot.

T.J. Schneider

As a pro rider, T.J.’s solid skills and creativity turned heads. He was one of the first riders to create his own web series, The Snowboard Realms. In addition to receiving millions of views, T.J.’s episodes offered something different. They provided a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a pro rider while also inspiring countless kids to hit the slopes. Today, we’re proud to have T.J. on our Legends team.

Fast Lacing Device

At Deeluxe, we’ve always focused on comfort and convenience. As we’ve refined our boots, we’ve worked to make them especially easy to get into and out of. This led to the creation of our FLD—Fast Lacing Device—and, through the years, numerous improvements to it. As a pioneer in speed lacing systems, we’ve always been committed to fueling progression—both in our boots and in your riding.

Dan Brisse

Whether sessioning concrete or kickers, Dan Brisse is a destroyer. We’ve firmly backed Dan since we first met him years ago. Thanks to his blue collar work ethic, insane skills, and a unique vision for the terrain he rides, he’s unlike any other rider. We’re honored to support Dan and the fresh projects he brings to life.

Section Control Lacing

After unveiling the FLD, we quickly realized that it had even more potential for customizing how our boots can fit and perform. This led to the creation of our Section Control Lacing. The design separates the boot into two lacing zones, allowing riders to independently adjust the forefoot and upper sections of their boot.

Nine different models of the ID, a boot we debuted in 2006

Rough Diamond

When you tap a creative rider like T.J. Schneider, it’s only a matter of time before his pen starts to color your boots and his ideas lead to new products. T.J. created Deeluxe’s first signature boot, the Rough Diamond. From its use of his favorite color—pistachio—to its silhouette and lacing system, T.J. designed every aspect of the boot. No wonder it quickly became a favorite—and remains a legend.

All models of the Rough Diamond

One Series

Inspired by our favorite skate shoes, the Del Mar brought a low profile design and enhanced board feel to shredding. It also led Deeluxe to reimagine how a boot can be constructed. Built for jibbing, the Del Mar became the first street-inspired boot to fuse its liner to the shell. A new streamlined sole further complemented this design.

Xavier De Le Rue

Xavier de Le Rue both scares and inspires us. After snagging podium finishes in boardercross and freeride competitions across the globe, he now focuses on pushing further into the unknown. Thanks to a rich skill set as a rider and mountaineer, Xavier lays down lines that are completely original—and utterly terrifying. When not making first descents, Xavier helps us design boots for his adventures—and yours.

New Girls Design

Backcountry Series

Deeluxe has long had a reputation for building specialty products. Much of this reputation comes from our deep commitment to building boots for the backcountry, which is known for being exceptionally demanding on both a rider’s feet and equipment. After developing the first collection of boots designed for splitboarding and the backcountry, we continue to refine it with new outsoles, silhouettes, constructions, and models. When it’s time to explore, you can depend on Deeluxe.


After making its debut, Deeluxe’s C3 Construction quickly established a new standard. Blending a fresh approach to both a boot’s construction and lacing system, C3 enables riders to adjust the fit and flex of a boot to match their riding style. It also provides unrivaled comfort and exceptional heelhold. After unveiling this design in our original C3 boot, we soon applied it to numerous boots in our collection.

D Lug Outsole

There’s nothing like a smooth ride. With a flat silhouette, Deeluxe’s D-Lug outsole features one of the most advanced dampening systems in the game. Independent lugs act like a suspension system, providing both cushioning and traction. The outsole also serves as a frame to enhance the support and stability of the boot. As versatile as it is dependable, the D-Lug outsole can be found on everything from Dan Brisse’s signature model to our women’s boots.


When T.J. Schneider stepped away from the spotlight as a pro rider, we continued to work closely with him. After all, his creativity spills far beyond the snow. We collaborated with T.J. to create the Afterhour. This minimalist leather boot marked our first step into street footwear. The Afterhour has since expanded from a single boot to a full collection. In the streets or at the bars, the Afterhour collection helps you put your best foot forward.

New Office Kirchbichl

A move to Kirchbichl, Austria brought us a new office, warehouse, and showroom. Nonetheless, some things never change. With the same tight-knit crew, we remain focused on crafting the best boots in the game.

Global Deemons

As ambassadors for the brand, Dee­luxe’s Global Deemons share a deep love for shredding—and they all happen to rip. Their passion inspires us, and their feedback helps us continually refine our boots. Comprised of over a hundred team members, our Global Deemons include established riders, up-and-coming rippers, photographers, and board shapers.

Remedy Outsole

As part of our twentieth anniversary collection, we’re debuting the Remedy sole for those who push further into the unknown. Although based on a classic design, this beefy sole has a streamlined silhouette and offers exceptional traction.

Tadashi Fuse

I’m so proud to have Tadashi joining Deeluxe as an international team rider. This year marks the twentieth anniversary for Deeluxe and, coincidentally, it’s also the twentieth anniversary of Tadashi’s career as a pro rider. 


 JT, DEELUXE Japan team manager




We created the SOFTCORE collection to give you a natural flex and feel of the boot.
The Technology behind this construction is based on taking the reinforcements and tubes out of the shell.
The Series is available for Men & Women.


Brandon Cocard manages to snowboard with style and skills on all terrains.
From Capita movie projects to full video parts with Absinthe films and being Windell’s coach for many years, Brandon has come a long way.


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DeeLuxe Sportartikel
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Phone: +43.5332.930 81
Fax:     +43.5332.930 200