Thermo Flex Premium

Our Thermo Flex Premium Liners are designed for the most demanding—and discerning—riders. For unsurpassed comfort and exceptional moisture management, our flagship model sports a new microfiber lining. A powerstrap at the cuff provides additional security. And for a custom fit, the liner is designed to be heat-formed to your feet, a process with which your local Deeluxe dealer can assist you. The liner also comes with a range of L-pads of varying densities.These pads adhere to Velcro on the exterior of the liner, enabling you to further customize its fit and support. Our Thermo Flex Premium Liner makes no compromises.

Thermo Flex

This liner is heat-formed to your foot. It is placed in a special oven that is heated between 90-110°C. While cooling, the liner is fitted to your foot and will retain its form. Consequently, we recommend you have your liners professionally molded to guarantee the perfect fit.

Performance Flex

The Performance Flex liner is designed to offer premium performance and optimal support. The highback provides stability while special L-shaped pads anchor the heel.

Comfort Flex

Plain and simple, the Comfort Flex will make your feet smile. As soon as you step into these liners, your feet will feel at home and ready to ride. These liners firmly hold feet in place, maximizing comfort.

Backcountry Flex

Made specifically for the XVe, this backcountry workhorse is designed to handle the unique use and abuse that comes with earning your turns. Whether skinning, hiking, or riding, it offers exceptional support and mobility.

Surf Flex

Inspired by surf booties, this neoprene liner provides a precise fit and exceptional boardfeel for powsurfing and noboarding. A fleece lining offers additional warmth.