Deeluxe Deeluxe

Lace Smart


One handle, one clasp, and one pull is all it takes to close the boot—it’s easy, fast, comfortable, and safe.


Two clasps and two handles—a pull on each handle secures your foot to powerfully and precisely transfer energy to your board.


Armed with two clasps and two handles, this design creates two separate lacing zones—one cradles the foot and calf while the other locks down the ankle and heel.

Thanks to these separate zones, the boot securely anchors your heel for a refined fit that enhances energy transmission.


Fit to perform. Dial in your perfect fit with a smooth,

uniform closure—so you can put less energy into keeping your foot secure and more into keeping control.

And with dual dial boots providing zonal adjustment, you get a snug fit where you want it (not where you don’t). Boa delivers custom comfort for longer days on the hill.

Girl Power Handle

Especially convenient and easy to operate, the Girl Power handle is the perfect complement to the lacing system on our women‘s boots.


This strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance response.