Deeluxe Deeluxe


Thermo Flex Premium Liner


For a custom fit, this liner features heat moldable material and pads that can be strategically placed to provide additional comfort and support. Its perforated foam offers unrivaled breathability while its leather lining enhances heelhold and fit.

Thermo Flex Liner


To perfectly cradle the contours of your feet, this liner is heat moldable. It is placed in a special oven that is heated to between 90-110°C. While cooling, the liner is fitted to your foot and will retain its form.

Performance Flex Liner


This performance-oriented fit provides extra support at the ankle thanks to an external heel harness. It‘s the ideal choice for passionate riders.

Comfort Flex Liner


Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, this liner sports all the essentials for a great day on the mountain.

Backcountry Liner


Designed for Xavier de Le Rue, this expedition liner features additional insulation for cold conditions.

Surf Flex Liner


Inspired by surf booties, this liner provides a precise fit and exceptional board feel for powsurfing and noboarding.