Deeluxe Deeluxe



A Classic perfected

Si vous considérez que la montagne entière est votre terrain de jeu, la Empire est faite pour vous. Nous avons redéveloppé notre modèle phare à partir d'une toute nouvelle construction pour la rendre encore plus polyvalente et durable. Nous avons également retravaillé son look et son fit. Idéale pour vous aider à repousser vos limites, cette botte légendaire est le modèle favori de Tadashi Fuse. Des kickers aux barres rocheuses, la Empire dominera tous les terrains.



Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.


This strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance response.


Two clasps and two handles—a pull on each handle secures your foot to powerfully and precisely transfer energy to your board.

TPS Shield

Available as an accessory, the TPS Shield strengthens the boot’s tongue, providing a stiffer flex and additional support.

TPS Shield Medium
Firm yet somewhat forgiving, the TPS Shield Medium enables you to customize a boot’s flex and support, making it slightly stiffer and more responsive.

TPS Shield Hard
Thanks to its stiffer flex, the TPS Shield Hard enhances a boot’s support and response significantly.

TPS Shield Ultra
Especially stiff, the TPS Shield Ultra makes a boot incredibly supportive and exceptionally responsive.

Asym Flex

This design pairs a stiffer flex on the outside of the boot with a softer flex on its inside for the perfect blend of power and comfort when freeriding.


This reinforced panel cradles the back of the boot to maximize durability and enhance response.


You don’t need to fight crime to appreciate DEELUXE’s Sidekick. The Sidekick uses two reinforc- ing elements—one lateral and one medial—to maximize the transmission of power. This allows you to transition from edge-to-edge faster and provides a snappier ride, giving you better pop when ollieing. And by offering additional security, it reduces the likelihood of rolling your ankle.


Especially versatile, this out­sole provides the perfect blend of traction and cushioning.


8 / 10

Available Sizes

TF22.0 - 31.0
PF24.0 - 31.0