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Spark XV


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When it’s time to explore, the Spark XV is right with you. Designed by Xavier de Le Rue, it offers exceptional support, lively board feel, and precise control for hiking, skinning, and riding. Make your escape with the Spark XV.



Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.


Armed with two clasps and two handles, this design creates two separate lacing zones—one cradles the foot and calf while the other locks down the ankle and heel.
Thanks to these separate zones, the boot securely anchors your heel for a refined fit that enhances energy transmission.

TPS Shield

Available as an accessory, the TPS Shield strengthens the boot’s tongue, providing a stiffer flex and additional support.

TPS Shield Medium
Firm yet somewhat forgiving, the TPS Shield Medium enables you to customize a boot’s flex and support, making it slightly stiffer and more responsive.

TPS Shield Hard
Thanks to its stiffer flex, the TPS Shield Hard enhances a boot’s support and response significantly.

TPS Shield Ultra
Especially stiff, the TPS Shield Ultra makes a boot incredibly supportive and exceptionally responsive.


This mountaineering sole offers
tremendous traction and durability.


This strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance response.

Rock Guard

This layer of rubber wraps around the toebox and sides of the boot, maximizing durability by providing protection from rocks and ice.

Custom Flex

Thanks to two separate flex zones at the ankle, this design provides complete control of the boot‘s flex and ensures your heel stays locked in place.


Plastic backwelt features a grooved heel
for rocking semiautomatic crampons.


This reinforced panel cradles the back of the boot to maximize durability and enhance response.


7 / 10