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Flex Booster

Flex Booster


Available as an accessory, the Flex Booster strengthens a boot’s tongue, creating a stiffer flex while offering additional support. It can also prolong the life of a boot by restoring or enhancing its flex. Thanks to a progressive design, it provides greater resistance as it bends, optimizing support and protection—especially from harsh landings. As icing on the cake, the Flex Booster enables you to modify a boot’s flex for specific adventures—be that reinforcing the flex of a jib boot to slay kickers or transforming a freestyle boot into a banked slalom hero. You don’t need gym shorts to appreciate this flex.



Flex Booster 3K

Especially stiff, the Flex Booster 3K makes a boot incredibly supportive and exceptionally responsive by increasing its flex rating by three points. Skip the gym and ditch the weights—the Flex Booster 3K is all you need to max out your ride.

Flex Booster 2K

Thanks to its stiffer flex, the Flex Booster 2K enhances a boot’s support and response significantly by increasing its flex rating by two points. With the Flex Booster 2K, you can enhance your performance—without breaking the law.

Flex Booster 1K

Firm yet somewhat forgiving, the Flex Booster 1K enables you to customize a boot’s flex and support. It makes a boot slightly stiffer and more responsive by increasing its flex rating by one point. Forget the gym—get the results you need with the Flex Booster 1K.