DE FR JP Deeluxe


Unfortunately, many riders choose boots in the wrong size. They often do this by simply defaulting to their shoe size when selecting boots. Yet the fit and size of boots vary tremendously across brands. Your local snowboard shop will be able to pair you with your correct DEELUXE boot size in seconds with the help of our DEELUXE FOOT MEASUREMENT tool. Additionally, there is also a quick and easy way to find out your correct DEELUXE boot size at home. All you need for it is a ruler or a measuring tape and then follow these steps: Take off your shoes, stand, and place your feet on the ruler/measuring tape. Be sure that your heels are exactly located where the scale unit of the ruler/measuring tape starts. Now use the location of your toes on the ruler to determine your proper Mondo size. The Mondo size exactly matches the total length of your feet in cm. Use the size chart that is depicted below to convert your mondo size into country-specific shoe sizes if needed. Please note that the volume and length of your feet increases throughout the day. Consequently, if you’re measuring your feet in the morning, we recommend selecting a boot that’s a half-size larger.